At Noblesville Legal Services, we have drug possession defense attorneys who always provide the best defense available for you. Drug crimes have many defenses. The primary defense used for drug possession charges in Indiana is a filing of a motion to suppress evidence. generally on grounds of an illegal search. The law states that law enforcement can only search you or your home or person under specifically defined circumstances. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees individuals from an unreasonable search.

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Our Indiana attorneys know and understand the necessary experience needed in successfully defending drug possession cases. But all cases are different and it is important to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible and they need to hear the specifics of your case and go over the facts to design the best defense possible.

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Indiana Criminal Drug Classifications

According to the Indiana Legislature, classify drugs according to “schedule”. The schedule of drugs is determined by the addictive nature of the drug and is used to determine criminal charges and penalties involving the drugs.

Schedule 5: State that the drugs in this schedule are considered to have a low potential for abuse relative to substances listed in Schedule IV and consist primarily of preparations containing limited quantities of certain narcotics.

Schedule 4: States that all of the medicines in drug classification Schedule IV /Schedule 4 can and are abused and can be addictive or create a dependency, but less than those of Schedules 1, 2, and 3.

Schedule 3: States that these drugs have the potential for abuse for Schedule III/IIIN medicines is less than substances in drugs classified as Schedule I or II/IIN and abuse may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence.

Schedule 2: States that these drugs have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Drug Schedule II/IIN substances are considered to have medical value.

Schedule 1: States that these drugs have no currently accepted medical use and aren’t considered safe to use even under medical supervision. They have a high potential for abuse and dependency.

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Indiana Drug Possession (Controlled Substance) Laws

In Indiana, the penalty you face for possession of a controlled substance depends on two factors:

  • Type of drug
  • Amount of drugs in your possession
Drug Substance/Amount Criminal Charge Potential Sentence
Cocaine or other narcotic, less than 3 grams Level 6 Felony 6 months-3 years in prison, $10,000 in fines
Cocaine or other narcotic, more than 3 grams Level 5 Felony 2-8 years in prison, $10,000 in fines
Methamphetamine, less than 3 grams Level 6 Felony 6 months-3 years in prison, $10,000 in fines
Methamphetamine, more than 3 grams Level 5 Felony 2-8 years in prison, $10,000 in fines
Other controlled substances (other than marijuana) Level6 Felony 6 months-3 years in prison, $10,000 in fines


Drug Possession Penalty Enhancements

There is a penalty enhancement if there is the possession of any controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a:

  • School
  • Park
  • Housing complex
  • Youth center

Based on the controlled substance in possession, the drug possession charge can be elevated to as much as  Level 1 felony which is punishable by no less than 20-50 years in prison.

Drug Possession In Indiana?

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