In youth, often people make bad decisions. Sometimes, a youthful indiscretion is an act like shoplifting or petty theft. After paying your debt to society as a youth, you have moved along, but after you’ve moved past it, how to get theft off your record? It all starts with getting a copy of your criminal record. But, how to get a copy of your criminal history is one question that most people with clean criminal records ask. The majority of us are not criminals and don’t need a copy of our background history. But we still want to remove theft arrests or even a subsequent theft conviction off your record? Here is a brief overview of how to get those theft arrests and theft convictions off your record.

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Getting a criminal record can be more than just an inconvenience. It can have consequences on your future. For example, if you are applying for jobs, you may have to go through an interview where you have to give a urine sample. If you have a past record of theft, it may hurt your chances to get hired. There are other reasons as well such as insurance policies requiring you to get a certain amount of security or even auto insurance policies.

Removing a Theft Off Your Record

How to get a theft off your record can seem like an impossible task. But I have some news for you. You can get a record expungement if you follow the right steps. In order to get the record expunged, it often makes sense to hire an expungement attorney. These services of an expungement attorney can cost roughly $1,500.00  but can save you so much time in trying to figure out how to get a record expungement under the Indiana Second Chance Law. To be honest, the steps to achieve an expungement are fairly straightforward. The expungement process is so easy that even a 10-year-old could do it.

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Removing a Theft Off Your Record Can Be Easy

How to get a theft off your record is easy but the process is not easy. When you hire an expungement professional to help you get a record expunged you will need to pay the fee upfront. The attorney that is handling your expungement will then submit your records to the proper agencies and check them for any errors. Once your lawyer is able to find the errors they will notify the agency of the error and make the corrections. It usually takes about 2 weeks before the correction is complete. Once this is done the record is yours free and clear.


When you want to know how to get a theft off your record, you have to be persistent. In some instances, theft could be a felony, not a misdemeanor. The process is much easier if it is a misdemeanor expungement versus a felony expungement. Even if you hire a professional service to help you get a record expunged you might not be able to get it done in the end. In Indiana, there are hundreds of people who had their records expunged and still had problems with their background. So it does take a bit of patience but the end result is worth it.


How to get a theft off your record is not that hard. All you need to do is hire a criminal record expungement service to help you get a record expunged. It will save you so much time and it will also help you obtain a better job.

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