Don’t let your criminal past haunt you. You can legally seal and erase your criminal records through the expungement process.

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Convictions, arrests, or convictions can make it more difficult to obtain jobs, housing loans or guns, or reduce your quality of living.

Indiana expungements do not replace pardons.

Indiana offers more relief than any other state from misdemeanors and felony offenses.

Indiana should disclose your criminal record

Long criminal records can still have an effect on your life.

  • Apply for a job
  • Custody of children
  • Driving privileges
  • Licensure may be sought by professionals
  • Online records from the state and local authorities
  • Immigration questions
  • The right to possess and to use a firearm

A Indiana expungement lawyer can help you change your record.

What is Record Expungement?

A legal procedure that erases your criminal record can be called an exemption.

An exoneration is legal protection for your records against government access. An Indiana attorney can assist you in filing a petition to have the record deleted.

Indiana: Can A Criminal Record Be Expunged?

If you have served your sentence for misdemeanors not more than five years, or Level 1 and 6 felonies no longer than eight years, a record can be revoked. Or felonies reduced to

2013 saw significant improvements to the Indiana General Assembly’s Indiana Criminal Code

Background checks don’t reveal arrests or convictions.

Indiana Can Expunge Certain Criminal Records

Indiana has expungement laws that allow the sealing or erasure certain felony convictions less than eight years ago and certain misdemeanor cases less than five years.

The Indiana expungement law permits the sealing of records relating to the following:

  • Arrests
  • Criminal charges
  • Delinquency adjudications
  • Convictions for criminal offenses
  • Trials
  • Appellate court records
  • Forfeiture records
  • Record of postconviction relief

Each county must file an exemption petition. Temporary expulsion may be possible. You must apply to have records removed from any county. Because of the limitations and complexity of Indiana’s expungement laws, it is crucial to consult an Indiana lawyer.

Adult Arrests, Convictions, And Charges Can Be Expunged.

This information can be used to determine if your adult criminal record is eligible for expungement.

  • Record types: arrest, charge, conviction or both
  • What are you looking for?
  • Time since you were arrested, tried, convicted or charged.
  • Additional characteristics of the petitioner

Arie Lipinski, an Indiana expungement attorney. Trust is Guaranteed

Arie Lipinski is an Indiana criminal defense lawyer who can help clients determine eligibility to expungement.

  • Confirm that you are eligible for expungement
  • Collecting case records
  • Investigate your criminal record
  • Additional court papers will be collected
  • Prepare your expungement petition
  • Arguments in court
  • Notifications to State Agencies

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