If you are caught driving a vehicle with a suspended license in Indiana, you can be held responsible for the penalties.  It is important to know that there are laws that govern the suspension of driving privileges in Indiana. If you receive a ticket for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, for example, you can challenge it in court. If the court finds that you were not intoxicated, then you will not have to pay the fine or penalties. However, you will have to attend substance abuse treatment or community service.

There are some factors that determine when your license suspension is going to end. These factors include your age, sex, whether or not you received an alcohol rehabilitation treatment, if you were driving for hire, and if you failed any test administered by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Each individual case may also differ, so it is a good idea to check with an experienced attorney to help determine how to challenge your suspension.

Reasons for a Suspended License in Indiana

Unpaid tickets— If you were pointed out for a traffic violation like speeding, driving while put on hold, or running a red light, and afterwards you fail to react to the summons on the issue, the Court will certainly go into a default judgment against you. Until you pay the judgment, your operators license will continue to be suspended for the rest of your life.

Excessive factors— If you’ve been mentioned as well as adjudged in infraction of traffic legislations on repeated celebrations and also collected adequate factors over a brief enough time period, the BMV will certainly suspend your permit for a definite amount of time.

Driving without an insurance policy— If you are mentioned for any type of kind of driving crime, the BMV will certainly likewise require your insurance company to provide evidence you are guaranteed. If they don’t give the evidence, the BMV might suspend your operators license. If you are pulled over and need to prove insurance, you will receive a request for SR 50 insurance coverage in the mail.

Failure to pay reinstatement charges— What’s even more, the BMV can require without insurance vehicle drivers to pay reinstatement fees before their license is readily available for reinstatement. These costs can reach into the thousands of bucks. You may have the ability to obtain a waiver, depending on your economic scenario. However, you’ll need advice on how and also when to look for such a waiver.

Offender Code sentences— Some criminal convictions also bring compulsory or optional driver’s license suspensions. Once gone into, these suspensions must be offered, however you might be qualified for a specialized driving advantage.

Regular Traffic Violator Suspensions— Repetitive violations, criminal sentences, or a combination of both can lead to the BMV designating you a regular traffic lawbreaker. If they do, your certificate can be put on hold for 5 or even 10 years. You may be eligible for specialized driving privileges in these scenarios too, yet you’ll likely need a lawyer to assist you via that process.

Life time permit loss-– Before 2014, convictions for driving while designated a regular traffic lawbreaker would certainly result in a lifetime forfeit of the privilege of holding a vehicle driver’s license. Although Courts are no more licensed to get life time forfeits, every one of the previously gotten lifetime loss are still essentially. Because of this, people who drive after a lifetime loss may still be arrested, charged with a level 5 Felony, and possibly punished to 6 years behind bars. Yet, a lawyer can help qualified customers obtain a life time certificate forfeit retracted, allowing them to get a chauffeur’s certificate once more.

SR-22 insurance failures— If the BMV has actually figured out that you drove without insurance coverage, they might require you to get SR-22 (pre-paid) insurance. If you miss a payment or terminate the insurance coverage, your insurance company is called for by legislation to alert the BMV, and the BMV instantly suspends your certificate once again.

Indiana Operators License Suspended? Get a Hardship License.

The suspension may affect your ability to take care of your bills, such as rent and car payments. You may also lose employment because your employer may question your ability to drive. You may be required to take courses that are provided by the state to restore your driver’s license. If you have been suspended, you may want to hire a lawyer to help with specialized driving privileges who can work with the court system and get the suspension lifted.

How to Challenge a Suspended License in Indiana

There are several different ways to challenge the suspended license in Indiana. It is important to hire a good attorney to handle your case and to work with the court system. When you are faced with being pulled over for a traffic violation, you don’t want to face the penalties or fines alone. You want to be represented by someone who has handled similar cases in the past.


You can contact the Department of Driver Services in Indiana to determine what type of suspension is currently in effect. In most cases, the suspension will end after two years. However, if you have been involved in a DUI offense, you will likely face a longer suspension. It is important to contact an attorney about the process before you get involved in any legal issues.